Hello! My Name is Arron and I am an adventurer, photographer, outdoor pursuits instructor and an opportunist.

I started kayaking when I was 9 years old and by the age of 16, I was competing in the world championships for freestyle kayaking in Thune, Switzerland.

At 18 I started my Outdoor Education Career in a UK outdoor company called PGL. While working for them, I started down a path of going on my own unique adventures in my free time. I learnt to rock climb, mountain bike and even sail. Since then, I have worked for a multitude of companies around the globe guiding kayaking, canoeing, mountain climbing and much more!

Photography has always been a keen interest of mine and since finally earning enough money to afford a mid-range camera, my photos have become much higher quality. I now don’t travel without my camera and which allows me to capture some amazing shots in unique and rarely-seen locations.

Last year Katy moved into my van with me and life has gone from strength to strength. I have helped her reach her dreams of entering the outdoors and she has enabled me to grow my photography and writing skills. Together we are a formidable team.

A few of my personal accomplishments include cycling from China to the UK and a winter attempt to hike the length of the UK. I have accomplished a lot in my professional career too, such as guiding school groups on class 2 and 3 rivers in both France and Outer Mongolia. I have lead clients over mountains in the UK and have also worked on multi-day expeditions with groups of young people.

In the next five years, I would like to try and make Outdoor Education a secondary job role and try to use my photography skills to work with expeditions, as well as completing a few larger expedition goals of my own. To combine my passions for the outdoors and photography to create a career would be the ultimate dream. I’d also like to build a sustainable house with Katy in the UK and live 100% off the grid looking after chickens and pigs and enjoying a slower paced life.