Seasons of Magic

 Reader, I’ve finally released a small (but mighty) collection of my work! It may not be my novel, as I’m still grafting away on that, but I’d like you to see it as a sort of taster for what’s to come. Inside “Seasons of Magic”, you’ll find 16 tales in the form of either poetry or short fiction, that all focus around nature, changing seasons and folklore.


The idea of this book came about after Arron set me a little challenge. One humid day, as we wandered through Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong, Arron turned to me and asked “how long would it take you to write a collection of poems?”. I thought for a few moments, and settled on a month, maybe two maximum.

“Perfect! You’ll have one written in two weeks then, yeah?”

And with that, “Seasons of Magic” was born. It has grown from a few, vague ideas into something I’m genuinely really proud of. I hope you’ll love it too.

It took me just over a month to create this collection, and I’ve written it in many different locations across the world. I finished it, curled up writing by candlelight, in the little office space in our van. The words flowed through me more easily than they’ve ever done before, and it was a joy to create these characters and these stories, and it’s an even larger joy to share them now with you.

“Seasons of Magic” is available to buy from my online store (I’ve printed a limited number of copies for this run, and they’ll all be signed before they’re sent out to you!) and also on the Kindle store.

I’ll leave you now, with the description of the book, and the links you need if you’d like to go and purchase it to read for yourself. Thank you endlessly, as always, for your support. You make little, independent writers like me very happy!


She is Persephone, she is new life,
She has the power of change at her fingertips
And she is awakening.

SEASONS OF MAGIC is a magical and transporting original collection of 16 pieces of poetry and short fiction that blends the beauty of the changing seasons with folklore and magic to create a compendium of imagination-sparking tales.

This collection will take you by the hands and lead you as you travel through the seasons and into the lives of an assortment of folkloric creatures. Some of the tales you will recognise from childhood fairy tales, others will be unfamiliar, but in all of them you will find magic, nature and a deep-rooted appreciation for our wild landscapes and the creatures, real or fictional, that call those landscapes home. Tales of empowerment, tragedy and peace within nature combine to create a fantastical, vivid reading experience.

SEASONS OF MAGIC is written by folklore-obsessed, adventure-loving writer Katy Who.