Over the past year, as my instagram has slowly grown, the one recurring question I've seemed to get most often is: "Katy, do you have a blog?" and my answer has always been "no, not yet" or "maybe one day". In truth, I've always been a little nervous about setting one up, as I always get the loveliest comments about my captions, and I've been worried about not living up to expectations when it comes to publishing larger pieces of writing.

Whilst sitting in my little Norwegian cabin where I'm living for the next two months, hiding from the driving rain outside and unable to do anything except read or write, I've decided the time has finally come. I am going to swallow my pride, move past my fear and commit myself to this little corner of the internet. So here I am, and here it is:
katy-who.com is now live and I will be publishing at least once a week for now.

What can you expect? Well, for one, you can expect extensions of my instagram captions, which will be imaginative thought-trains and little insights into the images and stories my brain conjures up. However, alongside this I will be including life updates, lifestyle posts, book reviews and recommendations, writing tips and updates, music suggestions and posts about the adventures I have had and the adventures I am yet to experience.

I promise there will be expeditions through haunted forests to magical literary kingdoms where the currency is imagination and the population is made up of dreamers, so take my hand and lets go and explore. Make yourself a hot mug of tea, snuggle up in your cosiest blanket and get ready to join me on my newest venture: katy-who.com.

Love & Light



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