Dreamcatcher Cabins - Scotland

A couple of months ago, I contacted the lovely folks at Dreamcatcher Cabins just outside Stirling, near Loch Lomond, about the possibility of staying with them. They kindly let Arron and I stay at one of their cabins free of charge in exchange for an honest article about our trip.


Nestled deep within a grove of trees, far along a winding path and guarded by a wooden badger sentinel is “The Badger’s Sett”. This cabin is one of four on a heavily wooded site just outside of Gartmore, near Stirling and Loch Lomond, in Scotland.

We arrive, weary and ready for rest, not long after Arron has completed an 18km trail race as part of the Glencoe Skyline event weekend. We have never been more ready for some switched-off time in the woods.


The cabin itself is split between “outside” and “inside”, more so than a regular cabin would be. Inside, there is a cosy bedroom lit by twinkling fairy lights, and a bathroom equipped with a shower and composting toilet. The rest of the living quarters are outside, allowing us to wholly connect with nature during our stay. Outside, underneath a pitched roof without walls, there is a comfortable sofa strewn with blankets, cushions and a fur throw, a two-ring gas hob and kitchen space, and a full-size bath that boasts a beautiful woodland view from within the bubbles. There is signal, but there aren’t plug sockets, so Dreamcatchers encourage guests to really switch off and spend the time off-grid, relaxing and soaking up nature, without the distractions of screens and ringtones. Just perfect.


Arron lights the log burner in the corner of the outdoor space, and I curl up feeling the comforting warmth of the glowing flames on my face. I open my book of Scottish folklore and lose myself in tales of mythical beasts and eerie ghosts. Leaving my phone in my bag is such a liberation, and I finally feel able to slow down and let go of the stresses and worries that have been weighing me down of late.


The rain is pouring and the drops fall heavily outside of our little space of warmth and comfort. It only makes the atmosphere more cosy to be so close to the hammering rain, and yet be untouched by it. The light grows dim and we decide to run a hot bath, light some candles and crack open the bottle of prosecco that the kind hosts have left for us. The last of our cares flow away as we pour the shimmering amber liquid into flute glasses and climb into the bubble-filled bathtub.


Later in the evening, we collapse into the soft, marshmallow bed and drift into a deep sleep with the comforting knowledge that we have another full day of utter peace and nature ahead of us. We’ve never before been so excited to have absolutely nothing to do, except read books, drink coffee and go hunting for mushrooms in the woods.

We spend the next day fully immersing ourselves in cabin life, and leave our phones and cameras behind! We dream of one day owning our own patch of land and building an eco-cabin in the woods of our own, so staying in one such cabin provides a plethora of inspiration for our future home.


We relish the opportunity to escape the hustle-and-bustle of our daily lives, the constant pinging of our phone and the constant need to be working or being productive. This space, with it’s fading orange trees and its wood burner and its utter peace and quiet allows us to truly unwind and let our stresses go.

“The Badger’s Sett” is forever forged in my heart as a place to relax amongst the trees and the plants, and I’ll end this post with a few more photos of our blissful stay.