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Mongolia's True Wild - Part 1

In July 2019, six friends in three canoes set out on a human-powered journey through the wilderness of Mongolia’s Great Steppe. As they battled rapids, torrential rains, scorching heat, and endless granite boulder fields along the Chuluut River, they were lucky enough to experience Mongolia’s True Wild, a remoteness unlike any other; vast, barren and beautiful.

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Facing Waves

Thunder peeled across the sky and the waves began to crash across the deserted beach. There was a visibly strong rip just a few meters out and the grey clouds only grew greyer the longer I stood there, staring with intent at the horizon. I’d been psyching myself up to get in the water for a few minutes. My bare feet and hands were already red from the chilly air and I wasn’t sure if the shivers coursing through my body were from cold, nerves or excitement.

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Notes on Femininity in Adventure

Nowadays, women are often told that they can no longer be soft or kind or “girly” if they want to succeed; they have to be angry and strong and fierce to earn their place amongst the men. But why can’t we be all of these things? Adventure and femininity are not mutually exclusive. Why do we have to compartmentalise our personalities to fit into someone else’s idea of what it means to be a woman in adventure?

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