Summiteer Rhino - Review

Words and photographs by Arron Layton. Edited by Katy Who.

[This is not a sponsored post, but as a member of the Summiteer Pro Team, Arron gained early access and discounted Pro Team rates when he purchased this backpack]


I have been using the newly-released “Summiteer Rhino” rucksack for just over 6 months now and I love it. I have used it almost every day working in gorges, mountains and even city escapes in Asia and I was incredibly impressed throughout my experience of using this pack day in, day out. The pack has been designed as a winter pack, but I’ve found that it also makes a perfect accompaniment for your summer hill days too. It’s a real all-rounder.

 The shape of the bag has been specifically designed to be comfortable, light and perfect for hiking and climbing. The rucksack has also been specifically designed to be roomy, so for a 26-litre rucksack, I could comfortably carry my gear without being weighed down by a heavy or chunky pack. Even through all of this usage, not a single stitch has popped: it looks as good as the day i brought it (well, maybe just a bit more mucky!). But even if it had, Summiteer offer free repairs for the first two years of owning any of their products to reduce the need to throw gear away unnecessarily.

It's also comfortable and minimalist in design, with a pocket on the hood flap and a single internal pocket that was big enough to hold a phone power bank and a few pens. The only thing I’d look for in future versions of their backpacks is a side pocket designed to hold a decent-sized water bottle.

As you’d expect from an environmentally conscious company, the material for this rucksack is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. This is a pack that works brilliantly and also has a minimised effect on the environment that we all treasure. I am looking forward to taking the Rhino up north to Scotland this Winter to really put it through its paces. 


Summiteer is a small business based in Kendal, Cumbria. Formed in 2016, the company has a passion for the environment and works on a small scale, creating beautiful, sustainable and seriously strong outdoor gear. Visit their website here to browse their collections and read their inspiring start-up story, as well as their Ethics and Environmental policies.