Salomon OUTline GTX - Review

Disclaimer: As a Salomon Sponsored Athlete, these trainers were gifted to me free-of-charge. However, I am under no obligation to praise them, and all below opinions are entirely my own.

Katy puts the OUTline GTX shoes through their paces on a muddy trail run in the Lakes to see if they’ll hold up next to their trail rivals.


My idea of self-care is letting my salty post-surf hair naturally air dry as I warm up by a campfire or being covered head to toe in mud after a soggy trail run. When we’re not in the fells or paddling the lakes and rivers around our home, Arron and I live in a converted van. The van is surprisingly spacious, but I’m still in need of light, comfy gear that doesn’t take up too much room or weigh too much. Van life, and the adventures that come with it, is so empowering and freeing, so my gear has to be too; it needs to support me, rather than hinder me. The gear also needs to be easily packed away into the limited storage area we have for our outdoor kit.

The Outline shoes are incredibly light and comfortable, a real change from the Speedcross trail shoes which I love hitting the trails in. Speedcrosses are more technical, but much heavier. In comparison, the Outlines are light as a feather and they also provide a welcome break from heavy hiking boots on warmer days. This spring/summer, they’ve really come into their own as my main outdoor shoes. I trust them through all landscapes and they haven’t let me down. They’re also super comfortable, and long hill-days would be a genuine treat with these on your feet (I have a few in the pipeline for when we’re back in the Lakes and I’m so excited!). These were also my go-to dry shoes after long days canoeing in Mongolia, and the relief to pull these on after full days of wet water-shoes was not to be underestimated.

The Outlines are waterproofed with Goretex, so when the British weather returns to normal and the rains start up again, I can still be in light, comfortable shoes without sacrificing dry feet. Taking these trainers on a muddy trail run through a forest really tested their ability to keep me comfortable and dry, and they didn’t disappoint, even when pushed to their limits.

My only real criticism of the Outlines is their aesthetic. They are great for throwing on and hitting the trail, but don’t quite have the stylised look that many other trainers in their category have. But aesthetic issues are exactly that - aesthetic. If the shoe does what it promises, which is does and exceeds, then I personally don’t mind too much if they’re not as stylish as other shoes. Style won’t get that 5k trail race PB any faster!