Jetboil Flash - Review

Today Arron reviews one of his favourite products, the Jetboil Flash.


I honestly have no idea how old my Jetboil is; no recollection of ever purchasing it or receiving it as a gift. It simply came into my life and took on a life of its own. It’s as much a part of my every day pack out as my rain coat or my water bottle. The beautiful device has made me hot chocolates in the depths of frozen Scottish winters, divine dinners on hungry hikes through vast moorlands of Dartmoor and delicious fresh coffee. Fresh coffee! Oh, how I love fresh coffee. (Black normally, white if I carry milk powder, no sugar for me though! I like it strong so I know I’m drinking it.)

Even though I can’t remember the time or the life event that lead me to acquiring the Jetboil, it was the added bonus that I could turn it in to a cafetiere that sold me on the product. I salute the fine person who thought of the brilliant idea to integrate the plunger system into the soft plastic lid of the main pot of the cooker. Genius!


I had my second mind-blowing moment when I discovered for a nominal amount of money you could also acquire a small metal ring that fits to your burner to enable you to cook with much bigger pots on your stove, so that when you want to fry an egg or cook for more than two, you can with ease!

But for me, it’s always going to be about the fresh coffee. There is something so delightful about making fresh coffee and it is a privilege often deprived of us when we get out into the mountains. The Jetboil makes it possible. You can be on a hillside in insufferable rain and wind that pebble-dashes your eyeballs, miles from the nearest civilisation, pop behind a large bolder or seek shelter in an abandoned bothy and cheer yourself or your whole crew up with a freshly brewed coffee. You’re instantly transported to a large leather chair in an old log cabin with a fire crackling in front of you and dog curled up by your feet, with quiet 1940s swing music playing on an old record player in the distance: pure bliss.

So for all of this I must thank the Jetboil for being a wonderful part of my life. When this well-loved stove finally gives up the ghost, I’ll be straight out to buy a replacement.