LifeSaver Jerrycan - Review

This LifeSaver Jerrycan was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Lifesaver Website Description: A robust and portable water purifier capable of filtering 20,000 litres/5,282 US gallons of clean drinking water, removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites instantly. The LifeSaver Jerrycan (£239.99) holds up to 18.5 litres of water at any one time and is designed to support those with a greater demand for clean water such as group expeditions, adventurers embarking on overland travel, families or those setting themselves up for off-grid living.


Filtration Opportunities: Living in a van full-time, with only limited access to fresh water (we mostly fill our water tank from outdoor hosepipes and keep the tank and tubes clean with Milton sterilising tabs), the idea of a water tank with filtering capabilities is super attractive to us. The LifeSaver Jerrycan is not a small tank by any means, but it’s just big enough to store water for short trips, and the filtration system allows us to source water from just about anywhere. Due to its clever design, the Jerrycan can hold 18.5 litres of water that doesn’t need to be pumped and pressurised immediately, but just before you actually need to access the clean water; you can keep it depressurised until then. Because of this, it doesn’t need to be instantly filtered. Instead, we can fill it from a source and leave it until we need to use it, whether that’s in an hour or a few days. This is perfect for the long drives and road trips that take us to unknown and remote locations. We can store our water until we need to filter it.


Tried and Tested: To test it, we head up to Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District and take the Jerrycan to the stream that flows down the valley. The water is slightly brown and gritty, so perfect for testing the Jerrycan’s filters. I fill the Jerrycan from a fast flowing section of the stream with enough water to last us for a couple of days, and then pump the filter by the side of the stream as we’re planning on using it for dinner tonight, and then as our main water supply for the next couple of days. The filtered water is clear and tasteless, thanks to the efficient filters and the additional filter that sits in the tap.


Verdict: Although big and bulky so not ideal for any human-powered trips, the Jerrycan is absolutely perfect for our van-lifestyle. (It’s worth noting that LifeSaver do a variety of water purifiers, including a bottle called the Liberty which can be used for personal use when hiking, etc). It is solid and robust, which means it will last us a fair few years, even if we put it through its paces in some exciting environments. It sits comfortably next to our regular water tank, is an ideal size for long drives in the car when we aren’t in the van, and produces clear, tasteless and efficiently filtered water. According to their website, the Jerrycan’s LifeSaver technology “filters out bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999%), viruses to a minimum of Log 4 (99.99%) and cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9%) as specified by Independent Test House to exceed NSF P248 compliance standards, for virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction by the US Army Public Health Center”. That means we can be comfortable in the knowledge that, wherever we’ve sourced our water from, it will be safe to drink.