I’m currently on the search for brands to work with and publications to write for. If you’d like to work with me, head to my contact page and get in touch!

Instagram Brand Collaborations:

Organic Basics

Salomon Sponsored Athlete

Penguin Books UK promoting “Zen: The Art of Simple Living”

Adobe Lightroom UK

Icebreaker NZ

Big Crocodile Hat Co.

The Tartan Blanket Company

Joanie Clothing

Another Place Hotels (Another Place, The Lake: Ullswater)


Publications (print)

“Seasons of Magic": Poetry & Short Fiction - Self-published and available for purchase on my shop and on Kindle.

“Long Meg and her Daughters: The Folklore of a Cumbrian Icon” - Creative Countryside, Issue 5: Roots

Publications (online)

“In the Defence of Grey Skies” - Creative Countryside, Online Journal

“Back to Nature” - Thryve.World, Everyday Adventurers, Journal

“A Lakes Escape” - Thryve.World, Journal

“Van Life” - Thrye.World, Everyday Adventurers, Journal

“Gorse” - Thryve.World, Journal

“Chasing The Waves” - Thryve.World, Everyday Adventurers, Journal

“How to Call Mountain Rescue” - Thryve.World, Journal

“How to Stay Safe in the Mountains” - Thryve.World, Journal

“Breaking Women’s Cliches: Catching up with Katy Who” - Salomon x George Fisher UK, George Fisher Blog

Content Writing

Botanical Cottage - Candle Descriptions and Business Bio:
Home Page Description - Wild Fig and Cassis candle - Amber and Sweet Orange candle - Sea Salt and Sage candle - Rose and Oud candle

Thryve.World - “Areas” - All preambles for all locations listed on the site

Thryve.World - “Activities” - All preambles for all activities listed on the site

Thryve.World - “Hill-walking” - All mountain information listed on the site